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how to purify pores

The impure skin is one of the worst nightmares of adolescents, being more vulnerable, and not only. The beauty of the face of those who are going to grow, unfortunately almost always is ruined’ onset of unsightly pimples, blackheads, comedones, oily skin, shiny and dilated pores.

this Is a period of life which ranges from 10 to 17-18 years of age, but can protarsi in time through forms, more or less invasive and almost always attributable to changes ormanali, the wrong diet and lifestyle, treatment of the hormonal type and to the rules of hygiene.

Sometimes, the one for the other is a simple rash, for some it can be something really excessive and competence, therefore, of the dermatologists, but in all other cases, we try to see together how to improve the situation and, in particular, how to cleanse pores:

to purify the pores first, you need to act’ inside, trying to prevent these problems, if in fact there abbuffiamo to fast food, we eat a lot of chocolate, fried foods and delicacies, rich in fats, definitely go to foster’ onset of pimples.

we Prefer instead fruits, vegetables and healthy foods. Of crucial importance then is l’ hygiene of the skin, which must take place at least twice a day, and with specific products, ad hoc formulated. If you are girls and you love make up, in the evening, then, never forget to struccarvi and apply a specific cream for skin prone to acne. Once a week, do a deep scrub of the’ skin and aid cell renewal and, above all, in the removal of dead cells.


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