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how to prevent gallbladder problems

The gall bladder is an organ that is pear-shaped, located under the liver in the upper right part of the’abdomen. It plays a key role in digesting the food that you eat. Its primary function is to store bile (a combination of fluids, fat and cholesterol), which helps break down fat from food in your gut. The gall bladder transfers the bile in the’ the small intestine through the bile ducts. From here, vitamins and fat soluble nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream. However, several types of conditions affecting the gallbladder. These conditions include gallstones, cholecystitis (inflammation of gallbladder), biliary colic and gallbladder dysfunction. Anyone can suffer from gallbladder problems. Some risk factors include genetics, l’obesity and gender, women are more prone to this type of problems than men. These problems can range from discomfort to mild, up to affect your quality of life. Different types of gallbladder problems have different sets of symptoms. Some of the signs and symptoms of the problem include pain in abdominal area, upper pain under the right scapula or to the back, pain usually after eating a meal high in fat, chest pain, heartburn, indigestion, excess gas and bloating. If you suspect you have a problem with the gallbladder, consult your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. Many problems improve with the removal of the gallbladder. Fortunately, it is possible to live without it. However, it is possible to take measures to prevent or reduce the risk of developing gallbladder problems. Discover in detail then, how to prevent gallbladder problems:

l’ obesity is a dominant factor that increases the risk of developing gallbladder problems. Maintaining a healthy weight, you can prevent gallstones and other problems. Then try to lose weight slowly and gradually to avoid health problems. L’regular exercise is also the secret of a healthy body and do moderate exercise every day can reduce the risk of a gallbladder disease. The diet also plays an important role in the gallbladder disease. To prevent gallstones, and other problems, it may be necessary to make some changes in your diet. Use monounsaturated fats, which are found in the’ olio d’olive oil, to reduce the risk. At the same time, avoid the saturated fats found in fatty meats, butter and other animal products. Consume a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and to introduce more fiber, so choose whole grains. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like fatty fish, fish oils, flax seeds, walnuts, and tofu. Avoid spicy foods, fried foods and red meats.


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