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how to prevent bladder infections

A bladder infection occurs when harmful bacteria enter l’and urethra back into the bladder. Everyone can develop this kind of infection, but usually women are more prone. Also l’aging, surgery, urinary tract infections, l’ have resulted in a urinary catheter, various abnormalities of the urinary tract, have a’ urethra narrow or enlargement of the prostate ( in the case of men), l’ fecal incontinence, and conditions like pregnancy and diabetes, have a key role in the’ increased risk of contracting this type of infection. When you have a’ bladder infection in the act, it is possible that you experience symptoms such as urine cloudy, blood in the urine , pain or burning sensation during urination, a frequent need to urinate and the pressure in the lower abdomen. It is possible to make some changes in diet and lifestyle to reduce the chances of contracting a bladder infection. We will then how to prevent bladder infections:

to reduce the risk of developing a’ infection of the bladder, especially if you suffer often, be sure to drink a large amount of water during the day, at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. You can also drink soups, herbal teas, and broths to increase l’liquid intake. Maintaining good hygiene is important for the bladder, as well as the general health, preferring the shower to the bathroom. Keep a full bladder for a long time or delay the need to urinate can contribute to a bladder infection, then get rid, as soon as I feel l’ needs. One of the main functions of the immune system is to prevent and fight infections. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system, including some of the foods common in your diet. Wear clothing made of materials like cotton that allow the skin to breathe can help you avoid l’humidity, thus keeping the bacteria at bay. Eat probiotic yogurt every day is another step of prevention for infections of the bladder. It contains billions of friendly bacteria that help fight the bacteria that cause the infections. Several common foods and beverages can irritate the bladder and increase the risk of developing infections, you should avoid such irritants such as tea and coffee which contain caffeine.

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