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How to paste the sugar paste

After you have made the cake and have it stuffed and leave it for about an hour in the fridge to let it settle.

so That the sugar paste adheres well to the cake you need a “glue”.There are various types depending on the cake that you want to be covered and personal tastes. The most common are: butter cream, chocolate ganache is not whipped, whipped cream, preferably vegetable or a jam type apricot or peach without fruit pieces.

The butter cream is the most used because it allows to consolidate the cake, making it smooth and compact, and also to remedy some of the imperfections. If you are using the butter cream, make it two layers and wait for the first to dry completely before proceeding to the second (about half an’time in the fridge will suffice). Before covering the cake with the sugar paste, put the cake in the fridge for three hours so it solidifies well.

Meanwhile, on a plane nice and smooth, roll out the sugar paste, and when it will be beautiful smooth and thin wrap to the rolling pin and let it fall slowly on the cake. In order to adhere to well help first with hands and then with the smoother leveled well. Cut the excess from the edges and leveled again.

But on a real cake designer in addition to the sugar paste, can not miss the decorations in sugar paste.

But how do I paste them? It is very easy. In a bowl put a piece of sugar paste and a few tablespoons of water; melt it in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds at a medium temperature, take it out and stirring to create a liquid slightly less dense. With a brush apply a little of this liquid on a surface to glue and proceed to decorate your back.

to adhere To instead of the sugar paste on the biscuits, use a brushed with egg white d’egg pasteurized, a glaze of water and powdered sugar, or simply a very light honey or apricot gelatin previously dissolved slightly in a bain-marie.

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