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How to paste the plexiglas

To paste the plexiglas (not only you need to glue the breakfast but one must also pay attention to the procedure to follow in order to avoid having poor results.

Before all’bonding you need to carefully clean the parts with water and neutral soap. After they have been cleaned must be dry.

Now you need to mount them as they are glued using, to maintain the structure, with adhesive tape or clamps. Now you can apply the glue in the joints.

All of these operations are necessary because the plexiglas is cut and paste with the methylene chloride, a type of glue that has the consistency of the’of water and that works by dissolving l’acrylic of two layers that would then be as settled among them. For this reason the glue sticks that you purchase, it will have a spout, very thin as l’needle of a syringe. As you scroll down the glue, removed the tape in such a way as to leave no space empty. Don’t mind the thickness because this substance once applied, it is first to get one kill, of course, deep into the junction of the two objects.

please Note, the methylene chloride it dries very quickly so it is impossible to try to apply it first on the surface and then to put l’to the other, you risk only that the product (which we reiterate is very liquid) slides from the edges toward the center, ruining your piece of plexiglas in a irreparable way.

– glue for plexiglas can be very harmful so it is recommended to work in a safe place, well ventilated, equipped with very thick gloves, goggles, and a face mask to not breathe in harmful substances.

– Protect carefully the base d’support. After you have glued all of the pieces, to verify that there are no spaces that are not welded together, you scroll down dell’water.

If this test is successful then you can proceed with the finishing touches with the sandpaper texture thin. Otherwise you’ll have to dry thoroughly and then apply the dell’another kind of glue where you need it.

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