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How to paste the plastic

>How to paste the plastic

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How to glue the plastic

There are many different types of plastic, and each of them having the chemical and physical characteristics different, should be glued using a specific product.

Looking at the object that you have in your hands and that you intend to paste, you must be wondering, how do you know what material it is composed. A simple and mostly effective way is to look at the label and in particular the icon of the recycling – the triangle with the arrows so to speak – within which you will find a number or an acronym. That number or that number refer to the type of plastic of which it is composed the object.

We can here distinguish generically the plastics into “simple” and “difficult” depending on the degree of difficulty of the bonding.

complex Ones are the ones that belong to the family of polyolefin – polyethylene, polypropylene…etc – the complexity of which is related to the surface chemistry that makes them anti-adhesive.

In the trade are the most common products specific to plastic “simple”, while it is almost exclusively delegated all’the industry the task of gluing on the plastic “difficult”.

In general there are two types of product: adhesives and double sided tapes.

The choice of one of dell’the other depend on the work you must do.

The family of adhesives are two-component (structural Bonding of extra heavy-duty); the one-component (spatula applicable, sprayable and brush easy application) and spray (for gluing flexible and fast application). The stickers have held them very high, but require time for the polimerazione (drying) very long.

The double-sided tape instead, have less tightness but drying time, the dock brief. They are ideal for gluing fast, but that should not last very long.

choose the product with the rules basic to the successful conclusion of a binding remains the same regardless of the material.

accurate Cleaning of the surfaces, the preparation of the same, with a slight abrasion, caution in the application of the glue and the respect of waiting times for the drying.

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