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How to paste the glass

The appropriate glue for paste the glass is in two components. This particular glue is a mixture at the moment of use, although recently in the market, are syringes, two tubes, so the components combine to create the occurrence, and avoid many of the wastes.

To give new life to that object of glass that is broken, please proceed by following these tips so that you will get a perfect result.

first prepare the surface on which you have to work in a way that does not run the risk that if it falls a few drops of glue laying damage.

Clean the parts to be glued in such a way that there are no residues of grease or dust. To be certain that the objects are well cleaned use of pure alcohol and wear latex gloves. The gloves are very useful, because the fingers of the hand can wet the surfaces and then also because it will protect you from the glue.

With a file not too abrasive, slightly press the surfaces to be glued and repeat the cleaning operations.

This serves to ensure a better grip of the glue. Before putting the layer of glue, make sure that the object is completely dry. Now you can paste the two parts on which you have spread with a thin layer of glue.

If this is leaking out from the edges, with the help of a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or acetone to remove the residues before they dry.

If you are already dry, and then you cannot remove it with the solvent, then do it with a file, also for the nails can go as well. Will surely be the sign of abrasion, delete it with a coat of nail Polish transparent. Wait at least half an hour before to check that it is dry, usually it takes more than I’m afraid of what it normally takes when applied after the manicure. It may take two layers of enamel, but the result is asicurato.

la colla adatta ad incollare il vetro è quella a due componenti

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