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how to alleviate a headache from stress

headaches from stress are among the most common and can be really annoying. While the exact cause is not known, some experts believe that these headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the regions of the head and neck. Some of the factors contribute the most to this type of headache. Some common reasons are stress, inadequate sleep, skipping meals, sight problems, eye fatigue, excessive effort and muscle tension. In addition, women suffer from headaches more often than men. This type of headache can be episodic or chronic. The pain may begin in the back of the head or above the eyebrows, and, finally, radiate across the head. In addition to causing discomfort, headaches from stress, it can also make you feel anxious or depressed, and affect your relationships, productivity and the quality of your life. Let’s see then how to mitigate a headache from the stress:

the first major step to treat or prevent a tension headache is trying to keep under control the level of stress. You can take a hot bath to relax tense muscles. Listen to soft music and relaxing in a quiet room. Spend time doing something that you love doing, such as gardening or painting. Read something inspiring. Go for a walk and enjoy the nature. Practice the techniques and anti-stress such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization, and l’guided imagery. A good massage of the scalp for a few minutes can also provide significant relief from the headaches related to stress. This massage will help to reduce stress, relieve muscular pain and tension, and improve blood circulation. L’application of an ice pack to your head can relieve muscular pain and can aiutane to relieve the tension headache . At times, the headache occurs because of dilated blood vessels that are pressing on the nerves. In such a situation, l’application of something cold may force these areas and help relieve some of the pressure. This in turn provides relief from the pain button.


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