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how to make the salsa rancheras

The sauce “ranchera” is a delicious sauce made of tomatoes and peppers, typical of the culinary tradition of mexican( but now it is prepared and it is loved all over the world), to accompany nachos, or stuffed burritos and fajitas, food too,’, they mexican. The sauce in question is perfect for those who love the spicy taste and decided, but if you want to, by using less hot pepper, or quality of the pepper, the less spicy, we could get a salsa “ranchera” is slightly more delicate, without distorting it too much. This sauce can be prepared in a way that is fast and simple, so even guys, are usually accustomed to their kitchen, they can easily prepare it and organize an evening or a party with the mexican theme with their friends, maybe have fun to prepare together. If you are curious to taste it so, let’s discover how to make the salsa rancheras:

to prepare the sauce “ranchera” sufficient for 8 people, the first thing you’ll have to get everything you need, i.e.:


RED hot CHILI peppers 1

After you have procured everything necessary, pass to the creation of the sauce and wash well the tomatoes. These then must be placed on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and should be fired 120-130°C for at least 2 hours to let them dry gently. In the meantime, finely slice one onion and place in a frying pan where you poured l’ extra-virgin olive oil, then leave it to dry. When the tomatoes will then be dry, frullateli along with chili peppers habanero, the red pepper and the cloves d’garlic. Then add this mixture in the frying pan with the onion. Let it cook for a few minutes and then season with salt and continue cooking until the density is perfect for a sauce. When it is ready, serve it well warm.


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