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how to make the rings of zucchini stuffed

The rings of zucchini stuffed, they are a pleasant and appetizing way to prepare the vegetables. Perfect for be served as a delicious appetiser, or if you have organized an aperitif with friends or a buffet-style feast. These delicious rings, after they were prepared, must be cooked, and at that point we have the choice, if you cook them in the oven, or fried, for a taste even more intense. If you are curious to taste them and prepare them for your guests then, let’s discover how to make rings, and zucchini stuffed with:

to prepare your recipe, take of the zucchini, preferably from the large diameter, and cut them into slices with a thickness of 1.5 cm. Now svuotatele leaving about half a cm of flesh attached to the green part. At this point, take a pan and pour all’ an internal thread d’of oil, then turn on the fire and let it fry. Now pour the pulp of the zucchini that you drained and let it cook for a few minutes, then add salt to taste.

In the meantime, go and prepare the filling of your ring , mixing in a bowl the cream cheese, smoked scamorza cheese, chopped, cooked spinach drained and chopped, and the pulp of the zucchini that you cooked, then season with salt and pepper and mix everything together . Then filled with this mixture to the rings of zucchini and dip them first in flour, then in beaten eggs and finally in bread crumbs. At this point, you can decide whether to fry them or cook them in the oven, for a version more light.


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