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How to make bows cloth

Knowing how to make rolled fabric will help you a lot in the success of many creations “handmade” that you’ll try to achieve. You will give that touch of elegance and sophistication which will make it much soddisafatte of your work.

To make a bow you need a piece of cloth of the shade and material that you prefer. The magnitude depends on the one that should have the bow. These will then be used of scissors, a meter, and a gun of hot glue.

Obtained by your piece of cloth, a long rectangle about twice the length that should have the bow once it is finished. For example, if you need a staple of 3 inches cut the fabric of 6.5/ 7 inches. The same is valid also for l’in height.

Roll out now the piece of cloth that have taken on work surface with the wrong side towards l’high. Fold now the top and bottom end making them fit in towards the center. Fixed with a few spots of hot-glue or with needle and thread. In this step, be careful to leave untied the face d’next, the section supported the work floor, for instance.

now Repeat, l’operation with the two side ends; attach them well to the center.

The bow is almost finished, now you just need to finish it to give it its classic form. From the same piece of cloth or else of a shade that matches well to the previous one is used, made of a strip of cloth with which to make the center of the bow. Stingetela at the centre paying attention to the folds that form. Close behind with hot glue and cut the ends that advance.

now Try to make a bow double, overlapping the first rectangle a bit shorter, centered well, and then close with a ribbon of small, just like above. Will be a staple very beautiful and original.

once you’ve mastered the technique, you just need to indulge in the creation of objects d’furnishings for your home such as pillows, brings joys, etc… or beauty for you and your girl as hair clips, pins, etc…

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