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how to make pasta sauce

Prepare the pasta to the sauce, apparently it might seem something easy, especially for us italians that we have the culture of pastama in reality is not so simple as it might seem, for the first thing because with the sauce, is may mean different things, which is the classic tomato sauce, or the sauce, definitely a more elaborate and tasty, or, finally, a sauce is simple. On this occasion, we want to provide you with just the basics for the more simple among these, let’s see it then, how to make pasta sauce:

start by putting in warm up l’ water on the stove in a large pot, on low heat. In the meantime, if we intend to use a sauce or tomato sauce that has already been prepared in the previous months, which need only a short cooking time, we will get surely a taste of a more full and genuine, and vice versa, if you don’t, we can still fall back on a past or peeled tomatoes in the jar, buy normally at the supermarket.

We should pay attention to this step: cook or “cook” the tomato sauce is a’operation different from the normal procedure of heating, even when we go of the past or of the ready sauce from the supermarket, we should not limit ourselves to warm it up and use it, but cook it properly. We proceed, then, by degrees, first, we heat a couple tablespoons d’oil in the frying pan with a clove d’garlic cut in half, or with onion (depends a bit’ tastes, a bit’ from the quality of the sauce). Let them brown a l’garlic, or onion, being careful not to burn anything because the sauce would be affected…

Now is the time to pour the tomato sauce. Raise the flame and add a pinch of salt, a pinch of white sugar to eliminate the acid taste, a little d’oil and fresh basil, without breaking the leaf. We can also add pepper or red pepper flakes to enjoy. Low heat and stir very often.

it Is good to cook the sauce without a lid, even if it squirts a bit’ and not be in a hurry. The flame should be kept low in order to cook all the best and you have to stir to avoid the sauce to burn on the bottom. When l’ water is boiling, dip the pasta, adding the salt, then drain al dente, following the cooking time of the pasta and let simmer in the sauce.


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