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how to make the cream tangerine

The cream tangerine is a liqueur for real gourmets, the taste creamy and sweet, perfect for a late meal or to be used in the preparation of desserts or to flavour of the fruit salad. If you want to prepare it yourself, you will see that following this recipe will be rather simple. We will then how to make the cream tangerine:

to prepare 1/2 l of cream tangerine, the first thing you’ll have to get everything you need i.e.:

water: 250 ml sugar 250 kg, tangerines, and non-treated 5, whole milk 250 ml fresh cream 250 ml pure alcohol for food use, 250 ml.

After you have procured everything you need, past also to the actual preparation of the liquor in question. Wash the mandarins with care under the spray of the’ running water, then pat dry with care, then with the help of a potato peeler, go peel the tangerines, without withdrawing even the white part, which could release a taste rather bitter to our liquor and pour these peels all’ within a basin capacious where you will pour also l’ of alcohol, and then cover with cling film and leave to marinate in the mixture for a week. The period of time necessary to the maceration, bring to a boil the milk and cream with all’ inside the split vanilla pod, then shut off as well. When the mixture is lukewarm, remove the part, dense surfaced in the surface, add the sugar and stir until dissolution is complete, at that point, remove the vanilla pod. Filtered l’ alcohol and add the mixture with the cream, stir and bottled, stored in the freezer for two weeks before serving. It can be served as a simple liqueur to flavor and moisten cakes and sponge cake, or to make alcohol a cream to eat it by the spoonful.


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