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how to make lumps of sugar

The sugar lumps are delicious sugar cubes compacted and sometimes coloured and flavoured by the taste of the now rather retro, in fact now prefer to use the classic teaspoons of sugar or a teaspoon, to sweeten your coffee, tea or any other thing, even for a matter of costs. But the sugar cubes, maybe because of course, unusual, colorful and fragrant, they generally have on the imagination of the children, an incredible charm. Why not try to have them in the house maybe right with them? If you want to try, then, we decide together, how to make sugar cubes:

to achieve these lumps can to sbizzarrivi to use the aromas, the colours and the dies that you prefer, for example, if you want white, classic, you will need 220 g of sugar and 12 g of water, and if you want to carry them out to the strawberry, then use 220 g sugar, 12 g of syrup to the strawberry. After you then obtain the need to start well to prepare your lumps by pouring the sugar in a bowl and then add gradually the liquid, mixing well with a spoon, then transferred this solution into molds of silicone ( suitable for microwave) and cook for 850 watts for 45 seconds. Wait a few minutes for it to cool, and removed from the mold your lumps, then keep them away from humidity. If you don’t have the microwave, or there is a pleasure to use it, you can still implement them in an alternative way, i.e., proceed in the same way suggested above, but this time l’ drying will be done in the oven, where you keep your punching to about 60 degrees for half an hour. Finally, you can also let them air dry for at least 24 hours, maybe placed them on the heater.


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