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how to make ribollita

The ribollita is a tuscan dish, but loved and widespread all over Italy. It is a soup based on bread, legumes and vegetables of the season. The unique name of this soup is due to’ the ancient rural tradition to prepare it only one day a week in large quantities, “boiling”, then all’ occurrence. This dish is perfect for the winter season, when we have a desire to taste a hot dish and invigorating. If you are curious to prepare it for you then, let’s see how to make ribollita:

the first thing you’ll have to get all the necessary ingredients for 8 people:
2 bundles of kale
1 savoy cabbage
500 gr of boiled beans
2 potatoes
2 zucchini
10 cherry tomatoes
2 carrots
2 onions
2 stalks of celery
600 ml broth
500 gr of bread
extra-virgin olive oil q. b.
salt q. b.
pepper q. b.
After you have prepared all the ingredients, start cleaning and chopping the onion, carrot and celery. In a pan pour a drizzle of d’ oil and when it begins to sizzle, pour in the chopped vegetables and let it brown. Now cut in cubes the potatoes, the courgettes and the tomatoes, then add them in the pan and let them cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the cabbage and the cabbage and let it wilt gently. Now add the hot broth, close the pan with the lid and continue cooking for a half’ time. The last 10 minutes, add the beans and season with salt and pepper. Now you have the slices of stale bread in a bowl and pour the soup. Leave to cool and absorb the bread, then poured in the pot and “re-boil”, then impiattatela and serve with dell’ olive oil.


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