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How to make rag dolls

There are a myriad of dolls, all beautiful and many of these craftsmanship. The most famous are the rag dolls. Made with scraps of cloth, they have a retro and romantic, which brings us back in time to a’ childhood is made up of things the poor and the genuine.

If you want to make a rag doll to give to your daughter to make her play collect all the scraps of fabric, dresses and t-shirts old, broken or you no longer use, ribbons and bows, colorful, and, finally, arm yourself with a needle and thread.

first, choose the fabric in the solid color of a color similar to that of the skin as a cream, brown, white, or pink.

Helping with a piece of cardboard, draw the shape of the doll. Pay attention to the measures, in fact, you will not absolutely forget to leave space for the seams and also that once padded the doll rigonfierà and the sides will fall a bit. Pay attention especially to the head which should be large enough.

Helping you with the paper pattern that you created, draw two shapes the same on the cloth and ritagliali.

Sovrapponili l’on l’another with accuracy and with the face-to-starboard facing l’interior. Merge the figures with pins and begin sewing leaving a crack open, just the space to fit l’ padding.

once you have made the outline of the doll should be dressed and decorated. If you’re good with the embroidery you can draw the face otherwise, use buttons for the eyes and nose. The hair can be made of wool, maybe linked to form two braids on the side.

with regard To the clothes you can give vent to your imagination and your skill. Get inspired by the images that you find on the web or maybe get help from your little girl to choose the patterns to use to create l’perfect dress for your little doll of cloth.

Il bello di queste bambole e che sono uniche, proprio come chi le realizza.

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