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how to make pasta and potatoes

The pasta and potatoes is a great classic of Italian cuisine, perfect for the winter season, or simply when you want to. It is a complete dish and corroborated, tradition, poor, peasant, but became widespread in a short time, in all walks of life and declined in different version, like cheese for example, or with l’ the addition of crispy bacon. Many are the restaurants that love to serve this dish, directly in the form of cheese to give it a look a gourmet and even more tempting. If you are curious to prepare it with your own hands, then we put together a how to make pasta and potatoes:

to create dishes of pasta and potatoes for 6 people you will need:


  • 700 gr of potatoes
  • the

  • 2 celery stalks
  • 3 onions ramate
  • the

  • Cherry tomatoes q.b.
  • 350 grams of smoked provola cheese
  • the

  • Salt q.b.
  • the

  • Oil q.b.
  • the

  • 500 gr of short pasta

After you have prepared all the ingredients, you begin also to prepare your recipe peeling the potatoes after having properly washed and after that cut into cubes. Prepare the surface for cooking by sautéing in a’ wide frying pan with the finely chopped onion with olive oil, then when will be the beautiful golden, add the tomatoes and the celery. A browning of the ingredients is achieved, pour the potatoes in the pan and add two ladles of hot water and leave to cook for twenty minutes. In the meantime, fill the pot with l’of water and bring it on the fire, when the water begins to boil, add salt l’ water and cook the pasta. Drain the pasta and add it to the potatoes and let it mix the ingredients. In the last few minutes, add the smoked provola cheese cut into small pieces and pepper to taste. Serve and serve well.


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