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how to make jam sanbuco

The fruit jams are among the preserves, the most popular in all over the world and widely used in the pastry shop. The jam is mainly used to fill cakes, spread on rusks or toast for breakfast, to prepare biscuits, tarts and chi più ne ha più ne metta. The particular jam and elderberry, can also be paired with cheeses and other savoury dishes. A time, our grandmothers, they used to prepare jams and preserves at home today instead of in the genre you prefer to opt for l’ purchasing products from the supermarket ready to’ use, both for the lack of time available, both for the little wants. In fact, by following these directions, you will soon realise how easy it is to prepare it at home and it would be a real shame, precluding the possibility to enjoy a genuine product, made with their own hands. In addition, the taste of elderflower is a bit difficult to find in commerce, so all the more reason to prepare it ourselves. We will then how to prepare the jam sanbuco:

the first thing you will need to prepare all the necessary that is to say half a kg. berries, sanbuco, 250 g. of sugar, half a lemon, and jars for canning with airtight closure.

the first thing you will need to carefully clean your berries of sanbuco, risciacquandole more times in the water and stripping them of any leaves remaining attached, then transfer them into a pot with high sides and the bottom often, and cover them with the sugar, then place the lid on and leave to macerate the berries with the sugar throughout the night. L’ next day, bring the pot on the fire and let it cook for about 50 minutes,’ boil. Removed the foam, with the help of a skimmer, as that produces. When the jam seems sufficiently thick, add the juice of one lemon and mix it, sterilize the jars and pour the jam all’ inside, leaving a cm. free then plugged and flip the jar.


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