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how to make the eggs tonnate

The eggs tonnate are tasty appetizers that can be served during holidays, such as Easter or when you want to prepare something tasty to offer to the own guests, to make a good impression and not present the usual dishes seen and reviewed. The eggs tonnate prepare really in a very short time and the ingredients can also be differentiated according to their personal taste. If you’re curious to try them then, let’s find out then, how to make the eggs tonnate:

for the first thing, to prepare eggs tonnate, sufficient for 8 people, you will need:


  • 16 eggs
  • the

  • 4 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • the

  • 320 g of tuna
  • the

  • salt q. b.
  • the

  • pepper q. b.
  • the

  • lemon-q. b.
  • the

  • parsley q. b.

After you have prepared all the necessary ingredients, go well as you prepare your appetizer, arranging the eggs, not in shell, in a pot with cold water, then bring the pot on the fire and wait until bubble l’ of water and from that moment on, cook for 7 minutes. Then prelevatele and mash in a bowl with cold water, to avoid that cook still, and then peel them. Now cut each egg in half vertically. Taken carefully from the yolks and place them in a bowl, because it’ in which we shall add the drained tuna’ oil, mayonnaise, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, a bit of lemon and the chopped parsley. Work these ingredients together until the mixture is creamy. Now transfer the mixture in a pastry bag and fill the eggs deprived of the egg yolks with the tuna sauce. Then keep the eggs tonnate in the fridge for a’ s now about. Spent the time, put the eggs tonnate on a platter and garnish, then serve to your guests.


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