How to make green tea ice cream. Learn now!

In time of high temperatures, nothing better than a cold drink to refresh your body. And if that drink is still in consensus with the diet and well-being of the body, it gets even more pleasurable. This is what happens with many types of teas. In addition to commonly eaten hot, many of them combine at lower temperatures, such as green tea, for example.

green tea is one of the infusions, the most consumed in the world. This is justified by the many beneficial health effects that it may present. In its composition it is possible to find antioxidants, minerals, caffeine, and vasodilators. For these reasons it can be used in the treatment and combat various diseases. However, it is advised that a doctor be consulted before any action.

Benefits of green tea

green tea is known for aiding in the slimming process, since it speeds up the metabolism and causes the body to eliminate localized fat. In addition, the tea increases the provision, regulates the intestine, facilitates digestion and combat fluid retention.

The drink also reduces bad cholesterol, protects the heart, prevents the appearance of diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. Green tea also acts as an antioxidant, slowing down the natural aging process of the cells.

green Tea icecream

After you know a little more about the natural properties of green tea, it was time to learn how to prepare for the version refreshing drink.

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  • 4 green tea bags;
  • 1 litre of filtered water;
  • Juice of an orange, pear;
  • crushed Ice to taste;
  • orange Slices.

Mode of prepare

The weigh of the drink to be consumed cold, you will need to start the preparation in the traditional way. So, book a pan with the lid and place the water to a boil. As soon as it start to bubble you will add the tea bag into the water, and will leave the drink to rest for about 10 minutes. To speed up the process of infusion, leave the capped container.

after this time, place the mixture in a glass container and take it to the fridge. Meanwhile, in a glass jar place the orange juice and some slices of fruit to aromatize. Add to that the ice. Pour the tea that was in the refrigerator in the other ingredients. For the drink stay more pleasant, you can use a little honey to sweeten it. The indication is that the drink be consumed during the day.

caution regarding excessive consumption

judging by The amount of benefits that green tea can bring to your health, consume it in excess it should be a practice banned from the day-to-day by any person. This is because it can bring side effects such as heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia and increased irritability.

People with high blood pressure, and stomach problems such as gastric ulcers and gastritis, should also avoid the drink. Pregnant or nursing women should ask their doctor if may or may not drink the tea.