How to make tea for asthma

Only those who suffer with this evil know as the common activities of the day-to-day can be affected. So, we decided to teach a tea for asthma efficiently, which will improve the symptoms and ensure a better quality of life.

asthma is an inflammatory disease, chronic and that affects the airways. That is, the lung of an asthmatic is different from a person who does not suffer of the problem and your bronchial tubes react more strongly to any sign of irritation.

in This sense, the tea for asthma can help achieve a quieter life, as asthmatics suffer very often from lack of air and difficulty breathing. Asthma has varying degrees and can affect individuals quite mild or strong.

tea for asthma

There are those who suffer the symptoms only in the evening, when the tea for asthma can help a lot to soothe the bronchial tubes and to ensure a more restful sleep. Asthma is directly linked to the issues of hereditary, excess weight, allergies, and can also be caused by habits of the mother during pregnancy.

Among the habits that have kept in pregnancy can cause asthma are smoking, stress, anxiety and even sleep deprivation. For this reason pregnant women must have a pregnancy quiet, healthy, and rest whenever possible.

Some diseases and issues may also be confused with asthma, as for example in the heart and in the vocal cords. So, before you treat or take any tea for asthma, a doctor should be consulted for the diagnosis to be made in the correct form.

tea for asthma can help

there are Many herbs that can be used to make a tea for asthma. The majority of them operates directly in the bronchi, reassuring and guaranteeing the breathing more quiet. It must be noted that despite being natural, the herbs used in tea for asthma can be harmful to the health of some people and their use should always be informed to the doctor.

tea for asthma may not be able to cure the disease, which is chronic. But yes, you can relieve the symptoms and ensure a life more quiet and away from the malaise caused by the problem. The experts of the area ever indicate that their patients stop using the medicine. Tea for asthma should be used in conjunction, always with the consent of the doctor who attends the patient.

Tea for asthma

How to make tea for asthma

Among the many herbs known to make a tea for asthma, we can mention:

* Tea of Guaco;
* Tea of Eucalyptus;
* Ginger tea;
* Tea mauve;
* Tea onion;
* Lemon tea with garlic;
* Tea of cloves.

tea for asthma can be always performed in the same way, regardless of the type of ingredient used. Before anything else, separate into a pitcher or teapot, a small amount of the ingredients.

When the dried leaves, such as eucalyptus, nice and mauve, indicates-if you only use 1 tablespoon. Other ingredients can also follow the same proportion and can be minced.

Then, simply boil 1 litre of water for every serving of ingredient. When the water boils, pour over the type of tea you want, and leave acting for about 10 minutes, with a lid. Drink then.


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