How to make tea for anxiety

There are those who live with anxiety every day, while others experience its effects only once in a while. Regardless, this is a issue that brings a lot of suffering and difficulty. To help all who live with this difficulty, we decided to bring a recipe of a tea for anxiety, which in addition to bringing well-being is able to calm the mind and body during these moments of difficulty.

The anxiety does not choose age, gender or social class. Any person can be stricken with it, and the evils that it brings to the body and the mind. The anxious people often have difficulty to sleep, to eat well and to even focus on routine day-to-day. Among the most common symptoms of anxiety we can mention the insomnia, restlessness, hunger, too much or lack of appetite, tachycardia, headaches and much more.

Learn how to make tea for anxiety

in These moments, take a good tea for anxiety can help go through the crises. Anxiety can happen for no apparent reason or be caused by a routine very busy at work, at school or college, and even in a loving relationship.

This sensation can be momentary, and in these cases a tea for anxiety can help a lot. But when it becomes chronic and goes on to hinder a healthier life, it is necessary to seek for medical help and treatment that will ensure more peace of mind.

Recipe of tea for anxiety and how to do

The best tea for anxiety is rosemary. The plant has powers soothing and relaxing that ensures you achieve more easily a sense of tranquility.

the Ingredients of the tea for anxiety of rosemary

– 1 cup water
– 1 tablespoon of rosemary fresh or dried

To prepare the tea for anxiety of rosemary just to a boil water and after that lift the boil add in a cup of the rosemary. Then just put the lid and wait that is warm to drink. Tea for anxiety of rosemary should be strained and can be sweetened with sugar or honey and drunk at the time that the person want to.

Tea for anxiety

More on tea for anxiety

in Addition to the tea of rosemary, tea melissa is also an interesting option for those who suffer from anxiety. Melissa is a plant known for its calming power and ensures well-being for those who use it. To prepare a tea for anxiety melissa, just boil a cup of water and add 1 tablespoon of melissa dry.

in The same way that the tea of anxiety of rosemary, it must be capped to act, be strained and can be sweetened to taste. Both teas can be taken during the day, but work even better at night, drink before bedtime.

They guarantee a calm immediate and tranquility to the body to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep well, eat well and if you pay attention to the breath are also other natural ways that can be used in the fight against anxiety.

pregnant Women and people who take medications should always inform a doctor before drinking any tea for anxiety to make sure that there will be no harm to the health.


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