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How to make the cake with the jam

plum cakes are to be counted among the best desserts known and loved around the world, of rectangular shape, in spite of its simplicity. It is a sweet soft and light, born in England, which is well suited to be prepared in various ways, enriched for example with fruit, nuts, floral extracts, spices, chocolate pieces, cocoa, or even you can make it rustic by adding all’ dough salt and cheeses and meats and/or vegetables. The recipe that I propose today is perfect for breakfast or for a light snack, so we can see how to make the cake with the jam:

to prepare a good cake, the first thing you will need 300 gr flour, 200 gr of potato starch, a teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt, 6 eggs, 400 gr of caster sugar, 200 gr butter, 80 gr of vegetable oil, vanilla extract, jam q. b. and powdered sugar q.b.

After you have procured all l’ to need, you start well to prepare your cake, working in a big container with high edges of the eggs with the sugar and l’ add a pinch of salt with the help of an electric whisk, until it will be beautiful, crisp and clear. At this point you can add the butter, cut into cubes, and work with the whips, and then add the flour, the potato flour and the sieved baking powder and continue to work, then add a little oil and l’ vanilla extract and continue to whisk and gradually, without ever switching them off, add the rest of the’ oil, then when the mixture is perfectly smooth and homogeneous, you can grease and flour the mold from the loaf pan and pour the mixture all’ inside, at this point, pour the jam directly in spoonfuls on’ dough. Preheat the oven and when it has reached the ideal temperature bake at 180° c and cook for 30-40 minutes, keeping in mind that you should always check the cooking time-ovens vary from model to model. When cooked, remove from the oven, let cool and flip onto a serving plate and sprinkle your cake with icing sugar before serving.

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