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How to make bows for wedding favors

whether to save money or for pleasure, it is very beautiful l’idea of creating from himself, an object which, like the wedding favors, this is to thank those with whom you shared a special moment of your life and at the same time to ensure that it remains alive in memory. An object itself can not be embellished if by your creativity and your personality. Here then are some useful tips on how to package the wedding favors with original, rich and precious bows. First wrap the packaging of the wedding favor with the ribbon, so as I usually do with gift packs and secure it with a double knot. Leave the ends long, about 15 centimeters each, if the scotola is medium-large, or smaller if the package is more petite.

Cut now the other three pieces of ribbon twice the length that you have chosen because it will be folded in half. They rest radially on the node, and then binds with another tape smaller. The result will be a mock bow very nice.

another way to enrich your wedding favor is to make a double bow with ribbons of different weave, such as satin and lace or satin and cotton in fantasy.

Overlap the two ribbons, and hold one end with your thumb and ring finger, wrap them around’index and middle. To redo a semicircle of the same size of the first one’the other part, and then merge at the center with a piece of ribbon for the thin. For a bow the most eye-catching and nice repeat of the semi-circles two or three times per side and then close to the center in the same way. Correct finally, the length of the tails, and cut them into oblique or folded in half the ribbon and make a small nick always in the oblique to make that classic shape with the two prongs on the side very nice.

To make it even more elegant and personal the packaging of your wedding favors you add to staple an object such as a bead of the same color ribbon or crystals to give light or a little heart with rhinestones for a romantic tone, or even a ladybug in wood brings good luck, a flower, etc…

To apply it can help you with the hot glue because it adapts well to any fabric and material, it will be easy to make unique your wedding favors.

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