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How to make bows birth

Many moms love to engage anxiously awaiting the birth of their child, creating with their own hands some of the objects of the kit and the bow’s birth to apply outside the door or the gate of the house.

There is a huge variety of bows birth already packed as well as are available numerous ideas on how to make it by yourself. Below, we describe a type of bow birth, adaptable both to girls and to boys, and easy to make.

The first type involves the construction of a large bow of satin, or other cloth, padded and embellished with hearts, fabric and a label on which to write the child’s name.

first made a rectangle of cloth and fill it with synthetic cotton for padding.

With the same fabric made of a rectangle much longer and with the ends cut at an oblique angle. Will the ribbons to the bottom of the bow. It is not necessary to fill this triangle but for a better effect put it at the center of the two layers a sheet of felt so the code will be more thick and rigid, l’the final effect will be better. Arrange on the work surface folded in such a way that once united to staple the two ends are the same length. Now we just have to assemble the bow: tighten the center of the triangle, padded, and positioned the tails, combined with a rectangle of fabric that you close behind with the help of hot glue.

cloth to fantasy made now of the practical upholstered furniture of different sizes, about six. One of these, the largest, will have to be the one on which is written the name of the newborn.

now, the three cords in all’the interior of the bow and sewn to the ends of the hearts in doing so arrive at different heights l’one’other. Logically the one with the name will have to be the most visible.

A variant of this bow po’ be achieved by replacing the hearts with other shapes such as stars, a moon, balls, using, instead of the simple cloth of the felt, you can also decorate with special fabric paints.

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