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How to make animals made of cloth

Important for young children is the tactile stimulus they learn through the game. When they are very small, however, you have to pay close attention to the materials that make up the game, because children, especially if they are very young they tend to put everything in his mouth and this could cause infections or even food poisoning and allergic reactions.

If you have a po’ familiarity with a needle and thread you can also tell him to pet the fabric, safe, and extremely educational.

L’s needed is easy to obtain, it is of cloth of various colors and textures (the fabric most commonly used is the lenci cloth or fabric fur effect), scissors, needle and thread, hot glue, and according to dell’s the animal that you want to achieve – and how you want to do it – even the buttons and colored drawstrings, dell’padding or cotton wool to use as a fill, and l’the last thing you should get is a piece of chalk or a marker, washable fabrics.

Downloaded from the internet in the silhouette of the’animal fabric that you want to achieve, or if you are good at drawing make it from the sun. Reproduce the template on your fabric, taking into account the need to leave a border of a couple inches all along the perimeter of the’pet because you will use for the seams.

once you have prepared the two shapes stendetele on’the other by adhering perfectly to the edges and the faces to starboard facing l’interior. United the edges with pins, and pass to the sewing stage. Leave a little bit open because you will use to turn the fabric and fill it. Some fabrics can also be glued with the hot glue, it is certain, however, that the duration of the game is much lower. Ultimate work sewing the l’opening from which it was inserted l’padding inserted inserted eyes with the cloth cloth black or brown or of the buttons, the nose and, according to dell’animal chosen, some other details such as the ears, the tail, a scarf, a hat.

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