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how to make an Easter egg with almonds

L’ Easter egg with almonds, is a delicious variant of the classic chocolate egg that you give during this holiday, as is the tradition. Whether you are a child or adult, does not matter, the chocolate really makes the throat at all, especially when it is enriched by the other ingredients super-tasty, as in this specific case, with the almonds. Typically, this type of eggs in the market, is rather expensive, considering the high cost of the raw materials itself. If you do not want to give it up and you want to give something prepared with your own hands, this is l’ perfect opportunity, you will also have the possibility to customize the surprise that you will put it all’ interno dell’ s egg ! On this occasion, then, we are going to explain how to make an Easter egg with almonds:

to make Easter eggs is part of tempering the chocolate ( the amount will depend on the size of the’ the egg that you intend to do), this could also be avoided but, if you intend to give away your eggs, it is preferable that no signs of cracks or streaks of white, but the chocolate should be nice and uniform and glossy. You start by melting the chocolate in a bain-marie, taking it up to 50° c., and then removed the chocolate from the heat and stir with a whisk, then when the temperature drops to around 28°, lower it back down in a water bath at 32°, or you could pour on marble slab and work it with a spatula and add the almonds cut in half or chopped if you prefer. At this point, take the mold for Easter eggs, and pour quickly as the chocolate inside and inclinatelo so that the melted chocolate is distributed in an optimal manner, and then transferred into the freezer. When the chocolate will be hardened, you can detach the two parts of the egg from the mould and join them together with melted chocolate, or passing a hot knife on the edges and then join them with a slight pressure. If you want you can decorate it, fill it with a surprise, package it and give it away.

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