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how to make a paper pattern

The construction of the dress is not easy thing, besides his skill with a needle and cotton, and with the machine for kitchens you must know the techniques of preparation of the cloth.

the First of the seams, in fact, c’is the cut of the fabric, depending on the model of dress make, the size, etc… To this purpose there are key patterns that you can buy ready-made but with a little’ patience and passion you can learn to create from the sun.

most of The time you follow the lessons of the seamstresses specialized in their own house or sewing schools, teach all the techniques behind this noble art. If you do not have the time to follow a course, you can still learn how to draw a paper pattern, following online tutorials and reading books on the subject.

don’t let that scare you from the variety. No, there is only one way to make a paper pattern, but several, and each of them using special techniques. Take a look at all the techniques and then choose to study and practice them one at a time.

The most widely used methods are the Gran Chic; Sitam; the Cutting of gold (lutterloh system); Guarino; modeling the integrated Burgo; Italian Atelier.

In particular, there are methods that through a complex and precise mathematical calculations allow you to sew a dress that fits perfectly to the measurements of the person who should wear. Is l’ideal for those who has obvious disproportions and defects why is l’s only one method that takes this into account with detail. If you want to make a dress using this pattern you need to know that you can’t ignore the test on’basted suit because taking into account the disproportions personal clothing may not return to the brush.

A simpler method is to size. Does not take into account the measurements of the single person, but using those standard sizes.

Useful for the realization of patterns in general is l’use of special teams calls rapportatrici, designed with measures already divided up that avoid us to make mathematical calculations to draw the model.


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