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How to make a glass veranda

Enjoy the beauty of eat, study, work or play, all’is also open in the middle of winter when the days are clear and sunny, but l’the air is very cold, it is possible to realizing a glass veranda.

The glass, for that requires a certain amount of care maintenance, is the material of excellence with which to make a porch because it is transparent, offering the feeling of being all’opened even when in trealtà you are indoors. A’s another quality to the benefit of the verandas in glass relates to the low environmental impact of these compared to the structure of the building, the street and the overall landscape in which is inserted the house.

about, it is important to know that before starting the construction of a veranda, you need to request different permissions, and the low environmental impact is guaranteed by the glass structure will play certainly in your favor.

The porch is an element that increases the commercial value and the aesthetic appeal of the house, if carried out with certain criteria, but represents, from the point of view of urban planning, an increase of the volume of the’property and aesthetically involves a change in the façade for this, its production must follow precise rules. If it is a private house, not inserted in a condominium for instance,l’the property must have a residual volume to be exploited. If there are volumes, it is necessary to study the requirements set by local regulations, such as not being able to exceed a certain width, l’use of certain materials, or a percentage to respect to the windowed surfaces.

in The event that you would apartments inserted in a condominium to these two requirements we add l’s acquisition of’approval of all members.

Therefore, before proceeding to its implementation, it will be necessary to consult an architect, engineer or land surveyor a qualified professional who, on the basis of the provisions prescribed by the regulatory Plan of the municipal and the Building Regulations, occur, the possibility of l’intervention and produce a project that meets your preferences and complies with the regulations.

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