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Some of us with straight hair yearn for curly hairs, while the flat hair male is the most popular.

Today, straight hair drained, it is easy as a session at the hairdresser, which offers different types of chemical treatments for hair straightening permanent, which can last up to three months.

of Course, these treatments are not cheap, and with time, the texture of the hair straight for 3 months also suffers, because of the chemicals and the warm temperatures.

Here are some methods to get at home, using ingredients from the kitchen.


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Extract of Celery Leaves:

– Chop a handful of celery leaves and extract its juice by blending and straining through a muslin cloth.
– Save this in a bottle during the night.
– On the following day, apply the juice to length of hair and scalp.
– Combing with a comb tooth off so that the entire hair is covered, and leave for an hour.
– Rinse your hair well. Dry with care, using a brush ring with natural bristles.

Spray of Milk:

– A technique very popular is to mix ½ cup water with ½ cup of milk. Pour this in a spray bottle.
– Comb through the hair before you begin.
– Spray this milk on your hair and scalp.
– Comb through again. Leave the milk on the hair for half an hour before washing gently with water.
– Use a comb with a tooth off. Repeat this technique 2-3 times per week.
– Can dry for a complete look.
– Leave for half an hour and comb with a comb tooth off.
– Repeat 2-3 times.
– Wash your hair to leave the hair smooth with water and a mild shampoo after 2 hours.

Treatment with Milk:

– Another tip of the fashion is the treatment of the coconut milk.
– Extract the coconut milk first and then stir in the coconut milk.
– Add the juice of 1 fresh lemon.
– Mix well and keep in the fridge during the night.
– On the following day, use the creaminess in the hair and on the scalp.
– Cover your head with a warm towel and keep for an hour.
– Wash with water and comb through.
– Repeat 2-3 times per week to get good results.
– The drying with a dryer is an option.

Coconut Milk For Straight Hair

– Straightening of hair is a common trend today.
– People smooth your hair to make it more elegant and beautiful.
– however, this has some side effects that can harm the hair, caused by heat and chemicals used.

Below Are Some of the Side Effects Caused Due to hair Straightening:

– dry Hair;
– allergic Reactions;
– Style Restricted;
– hair loss.

Straightening Hair Can Cause Hair loss

– the methods for hair straightening are almost the same for men and women.
– people usually go to salon if they want a hair straightening permanent, since it involves the use of chemicals to straighten the hair and the effect last for more time.
– The cost for hair straightening differs from one beauty salon to another.
– It also depends on the thickness, length and hair type.

How to Get a Straightening Naturally

The smooth hair is a new trend. Comb it is a confusing subject and a task incomodadora.

however, the techniques of straight hair that are available in the market are quite expensive, as well as can damage the quality of your long locks.

chemicals used in hair straightening can cause dryness, split heat and your wires may end up getting cluttered forever.

There are a lot of methods available that can be used to grow straight hair, of course, your hair may be curly or wavy without exposing to the harmful chemicals or cosmetic aggressive.

This will be more healthy for your hair and will not damage the natural volume of your hair.

Tip 1: Apply Coconut Milk Mixed With Lemon Juice

– Get some fresh coconut milk and add few drops of lemon juice in it, to prepare a mixture and massaging his head.
– Before you apply it, refrigerate it for a few hours. You will see a thick layer of froth at the top of the mixture;
– Apply on your scalp using your fingertips.
– then, massage the hair root to the tip.
– The total length must be covered. Once done, leave in your hair for 20 minutes.
– This should be followed by a rinsing of the hair using a herbal shampoo.
– You can repeat this simple process three times in a week.

Tip 2: Prepare A Mask Of Banana

– Use a fork to mix two ripe bananas and add two tablespoons of honey, three tablespoons of natural yoghurt, and a few drops of olive oil.
– Prepare a fine paste by mixing all ingredients well.
– Apply it on your hair and cover your head using a tap of the bath.
– Let stand for 30-35 minutes and then wash off using a mild shampoo.
– With the smooth hair, you’ll also be able to a healthy and shiny hair as well.

Tip 3: Olive oil With Dried Leaves Of Rosemary

– Put 30-40 leaves of rosemary dried in a cup of olive oil hot.
– Let the oil cool and then massage into your scalp.
– Keep it for 45 minutes and then wash it off with a shampoo of herbal or mild.
– Use a warm towel to wrap your hair and let them dry naturally.
– The volume of your tresses will also improve.

Tip 4: Wash The Hair With Vinegar

– The vinegar is a product naturally flatter.
– After you have washed the hair, put a little vinegar in a mug full of water.
– Now rinse your hair using this water.
– Use clean water to rinse it.
– With hair with shine and silky, you will also of course get the smoothing you want.

Tip 5: Mix Olive oil And Egg To Improve The Health Of Your Hair

– While the egg brings shine to your hair and makes them strong, the olive oil works to strengthen the root, keeping it hydrated and improving its volume.
– When the egg and olive oil are mixed together, they can do wonders for your tresses! They will naturally leave the hair smooth and make it more easy to deal with.
– To prepare this folder, put in only one container, four tablespoons of olive oil and add two beaten eggs in it.
– Apply on your scalp and cover the length of the hair. Make a cake and wrap in a shower cap.
– Leave the mixture in for 30 to 45 minutes, and then rinse with a mild shampoo.
– Apply this mixture of oil twice in a fortnight to get beautiful hair

Tip 6: Brush out Your Braids Until Dry

– The easiest of all the tips, only requires that you keep brushing the hair until they are dry.
– Divide each section of your hair and pull each one of them for a few seconds, in order to desembaraçara them with a wide-tooth comb and straighten them out.
– To do it quickly, try this method in front of a fan, but keep constantly brushing the hair.

Tip 7: Use Silicone Oil

– There are many benefits of castor oil for straightening the hair.
– To the growth of hair great and natural, use castor oil.
– gently Massage this oil into your scalp and then cover from your root to the tips of the hair.
– Divide your hair into two halves and comb to unravel the knots.
– Use the dryer in high heat to flatten your hair wavy.
– The oil should be dry with the constant exposure to the heat.
– After covering the volume of hair entire, wrap them in a towel dipped in cold water.
– Let stand for a half hour or so.
– It will provide a break to the hair after heating.

Tip 8: Tying Wet Hair In A Bun

– If you do not have bunches complicated, then you can simply tie your wet hair as a bun for obter smooth the hair naturally.
– However, your locks long become wavy after a wash, so this method could not be successful enough to aplainá them.
– instead of tying a single bun, divide the hair into two equal sections, and then tightly wrap them above your head.

Tip 9: The Almond Oil

– almond Oil is a hair straightener perfect that also has properties of conditioning natural.
– If used on a regular basis, it can prove magical for your curly hair. You can also add it to your conditioner as normal.
– Regular massage with almond oil hot before each wash can give you beautiful straight hair without using even a drop of chemicals full of hair.
– This home remedy easy can be done three times in a week.


– These remedies are purely natural are a break from the artificial products for the hair.
– They do not affect the quality of your hair and helps you get that desired smoothing that makes you have a look more beautiful and more presentable.
– in addition, they save your money from being spent on cosmetics ridiculously expensive.

UPDATED: 31.05.17