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How to learn to play the violin

The passion for music is something that accompanies you your whole life and even if you are not on time or are not going to let it become a job it will be a hobbie nice that will make the sweet even the most difficult moments. The violin then, is a tool that is elegant, pleasant, reassuring, certainly you will not regret ever of the efforts that you had to do to learn how to play it.

The first thing to learn when you want to learn to play the violin, as well as for other instruments, is the correct posture. Sitting or standing, back straight, shoulders down and arms slightly apart. Take the violin with the left hand, bring it close to the neck, rest it on the collar bone and stabilize the load close to the cheek in the space provided.

Taken the instrument with elegance and delicacy.

After becoming familiar in handling the tool, go to the theory. You’ll need to know every single note of the violin, know the value of the figures, the breaks corresponding to the name of the notes, the keys. This is the part that requires more dedication, study, and concentration. You will have to practice often at least half an hour per day, every day. Only by knowing the potential of the tool will have the sense to work out that the sounds come out clean, tuneful as well as they should be.

For a start learn only to move the bow on the instrument, learn how to dose the pressure that you exert on the strings. You will quickly notice the change in sound already just by tilting the bow toward the scroll, rather than holding it straight, parallel to the bridge.

Exercised first by playing the chords in the open position, that is, simply the strings played without placing your fingers. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the tool, the goal will be to be able to play one string at a time without touching the other. Only after this is achieved it will be possible to practice to make notes, and then using the fingers.


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