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How to learn to play the piano

to learn how To play a musical instrument, there is always time in life and the thing certainly will give you a lot of satisfaction. Among the top is a piece of furniture beautiful and very elegant. A bit bulky especially on the tail, but certainly much more useful than a coffee table.

The first thing to do if you are a novice is to learn how to read notes on a score so you can play all your songs that you prefer.

in the Meantime, what you study, you begin to become familiar with the sounds produced by the piano. Try to feel all the differences as you saunter freely on the eighty-eight keys. The piano consists of white keys are called natural, because, if pressed, produce a natural note (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si), and the black ones which are termed incidental, because they produce the notes bb, or sharp. Learn the correct positioning of the fingers and which finger plays each note. Exercised by the musical scales both with the right hand than with the left.

When you have acquired the right familiar, you can start practicing with the agreements.

once you learned these, you’re ready to start strumming some simple song by following the score. However, to read music and play is not a simple thing. Then, try to practice and also to play the melody without reading the music score. This exercise will help you focus on the goodness of the sound that you produce and improve it. You can also focus more on the position of the fingers until it will spontaneously. Especially for the first few times it is useful to consult a text of the music to learn the techniques and the notes but, more importantly, you can see the video on the web especially when you learn the chords.

Practice with passion, dedicateci time and commitment you will be rewarded. Of course, the first time the studio will be a bit boring and repetitive but hold on, because once this phase has passed you will begin to play your songs and no one will stop you.

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