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The mice can be hazardous to your health, since they can carry different diseases and pass them through their urine and feces, not to mention the considerable damage that they can do with their sharp teeth. To check a’infestation of mice, perhaps in your own garden, some prefer to just hand the problem to a professional pest control. But this can be very expensive may also use chemically-based products that could introduce toxins into your home. In reality, there are also natural remedies and simple to keep them away, that they are risk-free. Let’s discover together, then, how to keep away the mice:

when a mouse enters your home it is in search of food and will remain in the vicinity until the food is available. And then, depriving them of food is a logical way to deal with uninvited guests. Always store the foods in airtight containers. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink, especially during the night. Keep clean your dining table and don’t allow the crumbs to remain them or on the ground. Sweep every day the kitchen floor. Clean your pet’s food after l’power. Emptied regularly, the waste containers and keep them tightly covered. Another effective way to control the growth of rodents in the house is to seal all the small openings and cracks in your home. In this way, may not be able to enter into your house. Then use traps for mice . To attract the mice to enter in the traps, you can use peanut butter, chocolate or other food. Once caught, you have to set them free in the woods or in a field away from your home. You can use peppermint oil to get rid of the mice. The mice are very sensitive to smells and found l’the smell of the’oil of peppermint is very overwhelming and annoying. Put l’peppermint oil on several cotton balls and arrange them strategically around your house. Change them every few days, every time that you realize that l’smell is disappearing. The mice fear cats because they are their natural predators. L’the smell of the cat litter is sufficient to drive away the mice. You can then place bowls with the litter used, close to dell’the entrance of your house or in the perimeter of your home. If you don’t have a cat in the house, you can use l’ammonia.


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