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how to keep away lizards

although lizards are useful, because they devour annoying insects, and spiders in the house, most people are not willing to share their homes with these animals and try to find solutions to keep them out. These creatures are common in the hot zones, where the zones covered and the food are abundant. Being small in size, the lizards can easily enter homes and buildings through vents, pipes, cracks around windows, sliding doors etc.. are usually inactive during the day, preferring the evening to go in search of insects, which are attracted by the light. They eat insects of all types, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders. There are several species of lizards and most of them are harmless for l’man. If you find that you often lizards in the house, and the thing does not go right down, we discover together how to keep away lizards:

keep your home clean is the first rule to keep away these animals. Keep in mind that a home is dirty and messy, invites the lizards, as this provides both hiding places that food for them. Then wash the floor regularly, and especially after meals. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, and do not allow dust and clutter to accumulate. Do not leave the trash bags open and occasionally move furniture, to expose their hiding places. Keep the temperature of all’inside of your house cool, since the lizards prefer a warm environment. Do your best to keep your home without any insects. When lizards don’t find their prey, they naturally seek to go elsewhere. Also, clean up the crumbs of food as soon as possible . Seal small cracks or holes in the walls with sealant. Try to sprinkle with pepper or chilli pepper, the areas where you believe that they pass the lizards, this is a great deterrent. And the ‘it was found that the lizards are afraid of peacock feathers. While the reason is not known, it can be useful to attack a group of peacock feathers on the wall where the lizards live. Or you could also put them in a vase of flowers. This will ensure that the lizards move spontaneously.


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