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how to have hair fragrant

Sometimes the hair can have a bad odor and greasy hair are more prone to this condition because they easily pick up environmental pollutants and strong smells. In addition, factors such as stress and hormonal imbalance can also contribute to this embarrassing problem. The scalp psoriasis and infections, particularly fungal infections, are also causes. Fortunately, there are home remedies ( in addition to specific medicines, if it comes to infections), which can help us to improve the problem. We will then how to have hair scented:

the first remedy is to mix one part baking soda in three parts of water. Rinse the hair with water and apply the paste of baking soda to damp hair. Leave on for about five minutes and then wash the hair. Repeat the procedure once a week. L’apple cider vinegar works as a natural purifier of the hair and removes l’accumulation of product that can contribute to hair’ unpleasant smell and fat. It also helps to restore the normal pH of the hair, increases brightness and prevents l’ electricity. Add half a cup of apple cider vinegar to two cups of distilled water and mix three drops of an essential oil such as lavender, rose or other. Spray the solution into your hair and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water. You can simply rinse your hair with a solution of half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup d’water. Leave it for about a minute before rinse. Lemon juice is excellent for your skin as well as hair. It will leave your hair fragrant, clean and fresh. In addition, it will promote the hair smooth and shiny and help you to fight problems like dandruff and infections of the scalp .


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