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how to grow violets

violets, small colourful plants are beautiful to look at but also simple to grow. Follow our tips and you will have the satisfaction to have in your home garden or on the balcony of the small violets that adorn and delight in their perfume. But how to grow violets?

First of all, you should know that violets should be planted during the fall season or spring. Their can be cultivated in pots or in the ground just to use a good loam-drained soil.

You need to bury the violets, taking care only to arrive where he is present at the base of the roots without bury the plant too much. This care helps the plant violets, not to perish, with so much ease. Once underground, the violets, require the presence of a granular fertilizer, long sale. This manure must be mixed with the potting soil. This step is very important as the plants of the violet will have a fertilizer that will last throughout the season and until early spring.

The plants of violets which grow in our garden or in the ground, must be planted to a the distance of at least 10 – 15 cm the one from the other. In this way, they can grow without overlap. The cultivation of violets has no need of treatment, important and significant. It is a type of plant that resists the cold and the climate particularly cold. Even at this juncture, are capable of producing colourful flowers during the months of the winter season.

once you have planted the seedlings of violets must be watered preferring a day not hot and when the ground is dry already by a few days. Not watering then when it is too cold. During the growth of the seedlings of violets, you need to check them, and delete flowers and withered leaves.

by Following this small guide you will have the opportunity to grow violets in an autonomous way and at their home.


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