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How to grow your nails

Program for women, smangiucchiate by the nerve shown by the characters more vain. What we’ll never talking about if not of the nails? To have healthy nails and beautiful is a thing that plagues many women, and it is to them that we intend to turn to give some advice that to move in this direction!

Clearly, nothing you could do if still you have not yet removed the bad habit of eating them. If one of chewing the nails, it is a temptation that you just cant resist, you can always resort to the market, today day already full of products (such as glazes amari), which aim to keep close to our lips!

Then you can move on to the next step: to understand the status of their nails. Already, because there are five different types of nails, and identify yourself in one of the various categories is an essential point to know if and how to move in their growth.

  • Nails dry: use l’olive oil at least twice a day, massaging the same zone carefully on each nail, may help in strengthening it.
  • brittle Nails: moisturize, moisturize and again moisturize! The brittle nails must be hydrated in order to avoid that you can stiffen any more than they already are.
  • Nails damaged: if your nails break easily, and have difficulty to grow under their harmless bark may conceal a problem more or less serious. Few people know, but in nature there are different disorders of the nails. It is urgent to control.
  • Nail soft: people falling into this category have nothing to fear. Their nails are too soft, because it is very hydrated. Often use gloves and keep the hands a little bit further away from the water (when you can do less) is the right way forward.
  • Nails normal: don’t worry! Those lucky enough to have nails normal and in shape can continue to live without having to use workarounds of any kind.

to Overcome this stage of knowledge it is possible to go even further.

How to grow your nails: tips and tricks

grow your nails more quickly, it is sufficient to drink a lot of water, or in the alternative take of multi-vitamins which stimulate growth.

And between a sip d’water, and l’another, we also have l’care to decrease l’s intake of sugars: in this case, the nails will grow faster and robust than usual!

And then the enamel. Yes, he should be used sensibly: to strengthen l’nails must pass not one, but two layers of enamel (and so shiny).

Also, it is good to know that nails grow more quickly if you file in one direction only, or when they are in particularly hot environments.

But also the cuticles are fundamental in achieving this goal: for this reason should be treated or with dell’olive oil (as suggested poc’on the contrary) or with diving of hot water.

in Short, our small daily actions aimed at the healthy and quick of the nail there are will. Not is to get all’work!

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hello it is a pleasure for me to meet you sn tiziana, I have a problem ke unfortunately my nails sn always the weakest is I’m trying to grow a lot of the nails is becoming very hard the way ke nn break, km do I have to do x to keep the long nails and grow faster well the nails the way that doesn’t break anything x it’s x to become the always beautiful nails hard? is x make your nails white? thanks. 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 :* :*

in order to make them stronger use the essence studio nails hardening nail base and to grow them using one of the pupa, which is called the active base growth – enamel healing

hello, I am carmen and I believe this site give many information for the care of your nails

I was very useful this guide

I was really useful this guide

I’m following your advice

Hello, I am Laura and I have a problem: my nails are damaged that is, I just can not make them grow apart from l’the nail of the left thumb I’d like a little help,many thanks 🙂

hello. I would need advice on products that increase the growth of nails

basta che bevi tanto latte cn me funziona

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