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how to frame a canvas

The first thing to do to frame a canvas and be sure that this hold on tight is intelaiarla. Do the frame is very simple but you’ll have to be good at taking the measurements of the four sides of the painting. A piece of advice that may come in useful is to buy the sticks for l’the frame and the frame together so it will be easier to establish the thickness. To be clear, not all frames have the same thickness, so as not all of the frames, if you buy together you will solve immediately the problem of the thickness, because your choice will be on the frame of the most appropriate measure to your frame. At this point, l’the only tool you will need is a sparapunte by an upholsterer.

The operations to be performed are simple. The first thing you have to stretch the canvas over a flat surface with the design facing down; now poggiateci above the frame, and center well compared with the design; fold the sides over the frame and secure it with the pins. The canvas must be well-applied. Put to the side the canvas is already prepared and on a flat surface lay the frame upside-down; remove any fingerprints from the glass. Now you can’t stick all’within the frame. To secure it using the clips on the frame that must be positioned in such a way that’the end is inserted all’the inside of the frame, and l’all’inside of the frame. Important is to place more staples along the surface, regularly distributed around the wor’around the canvas.

all that remains is to place the hooks to hang the picture. There are several methods depending on the size of the picture, weight and also with respect to aesthetic taste. Some foresee a single hook central more or less visible, whereas others bind on most points. Whatever the method you like it is essential to take measures with care, taking all the time necessary because if you are wrong the picture once hung will hang to one side’.

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