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How to fix a phone dropped in water

Rather similar to a tragedy, when it falls in the water the phone is always a drama. Especially when it comes to phones of the latest generation are impossible to dismantle.

TO the entire c’is a remedy; or at least worth a try.

If the phone is accidentally dropped into water, bring it immediately, deleted, masks, and protective films and dry l’outside with an absorbent cloth. Turn it off immediately, and if it is off by only, do not try to turn it on!

If l’the water in which it fell was not clean don’t think to disinfect it, will you do that later. In this stage, each moment can be important because l’the water must not come in contact with the electric part.

l’help of a cottonfiocc or a toothpick and a cloth of thin cotton try to absorb l’water that has penetrated into the ports d’the entrance of the headphones and the charger.

Be calm and careful when performing this operation. Let lose the phone or any other tool that produces hot air’ could be very harmful and to get l’the water even more in depth.

After this is done, cover the phone with rice. The rice has a strong ability to absorb l’humidity. Do it the way that the phone is completely covered, from all parts of the rice so that it can act over the entire surface. Leave the phone turned off, in the rice for at least 24 hours, better if you can to wait for 36 hours. After this long and grueling wait pick up the phone, ripulitelo and try to turn it on. If it seems on but the screen stays black it could be a sign of a damage of the’water, in that case take it in for service and explained the whole l’happened. Another damage affects the functionality of the inputs of the jeck of the headphones, for example, speakers or home button . The probability that l’the water will bring damage to your phone grow than all’acidity of the same. L’sea water, l’the water of a swimming pool or the bathroom, are the most harmful because the more corrosive, but not demoralizzatevi and act carefully following these instructions.

Tranquilli, il più delle volte, il telefono non riporta danni.

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