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How to fix a nail broken

The nails, it is well-known, you have to break always in the worst moments, before a party, an important event, a job interview, etc….. To the extent not included in the list of the great existential problems is definitely a thing annoying and unsightly, especially for those who have the hands very carefully.

Vediamo allora come rimediare velocemente al danno.

Clean the nail route, then take a teaspoon of tea, or camomile tea is the same, and cut off a piece small to cover the crack. Spread a thick layer of clear nail Polish and applicateci over the piece of tea bag that you cut when it is still fresh. With the help of a tweezer do it to adhere well and avoid air bubbles. When you will be dried enamel do another layer and then applied the nail Polish that you want.

instead of The clear nail Polish you can use the glue for fake nails. Once dry, smoothed with the poff and then put the transparent nail Polish. If you want to color the nail even if the fix will be unnoticeable.

If you don’t have the sachet of the tea used of the patch tape, white or flesh-color, the one that is usually used to stop some gauze and bandages. The application is a little different: clean the nail and with the help of a wooden applicator stick apply a small piece of tape on the broken part of the nail. The transparent nail Polish that you will apply in the above, “wet” patch, thus evening the color of the nail. Also in this case, you can decide whether to keep the nail with the clear nail Polish or paint it.

In all the applications we have so far seen, it is important to ensure that the side edges of the patch instead of a tea bag, they adhere well to the nail as otherwise they may rise up and break the nail, making it irreparable.

The last solution that we propose is available for purchase in the perfumery industry. Are lunettes, adhesive, transparent that can be applied on the nail where it is broken. For instance have a very similar shape to the ornaments that you use for a french manicure, but they are invisible and designed to solve this problem while waiting for the nail from growing back or to comply with an emergency situation.

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