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how to eliminate fat deposits on the face

Many people have an accumulation of adipose tissue on the face, and if, for some, it can be nice to l’ idea of a face paffutello, almost like children, for others it may be the reason of the complex and could lead to non-acceptance. Generally fatty deposits on the face who is overweight, but is not a norm, it can indeed be slim, but with a face still swollen. In principle, if you put on a diet, the face, as well as the rest of the body, dimagrir√†. It may be more difficult, but not impossible, instead, localized slimming, but with appropriate exercises, in a few months you will get results. Let’s see it then, how to eliminate fat deposits on the face:
an exercise that promotes the circulation of blood to the cheeks, making it look more youthful and toned is to place the indexes under your cheekbones, so that the tips of the fingers are horizontally aligned with the nostrils. Start by rotating the tip of the fingers to be firmly in the clockwise direction. Continue the rotation for 60 seconds. Do this exercise whenever you can and at least twice a day. Another useful exercise consists in snort via l’ air. This exercise strengthens the muscles around the lips and at the cheek-bones, lengthens the muscles of the face and them running out. Close the mouth with the lips facing l’interior. Blow air in the mouth, so that the areas above and below the lips, to be pushed out. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Move l’air to the bottom side of your left cheek and hold for 10 seconds. Then move l’air to the right cheek and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 – 20 times. Do this exercise at least twice a day. To reduce l’ intake of processed foods , fried foods and foods with a high content of sodium, which causes swelling through water retention. Eat more whole foods and foods rich in fiber. fruits and leafy green vegetables are essential. A healthy diet is essential to reduce your overall body fat and helps to lose the fat on your face.


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