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How to remove blackheads

The black dots are the problem more prevalent in the skin, especially of the face. To eliminate blackheads we are subject periodically to a cleaning of the face, but we know that these tend to recur after a little while, which is why it is good to learn how to delete the black dots yourself and, why not, how to prevent them.
It is well known that many of the black spots often have the tendency to ignite and turn into real pimples, sometimes even painful, and so this is one more reason to eradicate these pesky impurities of the skin.
What we need to do to learn how to do a good cleaning of the face:


  1. Steam bath to dilate the pores: for a good cleaning of the face, the first thing we need to do is dilate the pores, and to do that we have to boil water in a pot, then lower the heat and removing the lid closer to the face to vapors. For greater effectiveness we can use a towel behind the head to cover the sides of the face and let the steam just at the center.
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  3. to Eliminate the blackheads: when our face is totally wet from the steam you’ll notice that the black dots will be more visible and external, and, therefore, we can proceed to their removal. To do this we can buy in pharmacy any specific tool, or to squeeze them with the help of a sterile gauze, which will avoid irritation.
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  5. Patch for the nose: to eliminate the black spots on the nose (the most difficult) we can use the appropriate patches.
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  7. Close the pores: after having finished our cleaning we wash the face with cold water to close the pores and avoid re-enter the impurities.
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  9. Moisturizing: after you have cleared the blackheads and closed pores, it is necessary to moisturize the skin first with a good mask and after with the cream that we use on a daily basis.

This operation should be done at least once a month because we know that the black dots tend to return quickly.
What we must remember is that once you discover how to delete the black dots we have certainly solved the problem and, therefore, we must be careful to clean every day in the face with a good cleanser and especially to remove makeup properly with the appropriate cleaning products, as they are just the remnants of makeup are the main enemies of our skin.

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