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How to edit photos

In recent years, perhaps also thanks all’ advent of social networking and cameras from the enhanced performance within the reach of all, was born of the selfie-mania, and more and more are those who have approached the world of photography. Although the cameras on the market are more and more sophisticated, it can still miss some shots just succeed: too much or too poorly lit, out of focus, or with some detail as unwanted in the’frame. In these cases, to improve the quality of the photos, you can use graphics software, which allow you to make changes under both l’appearance of the composition and the rendering of a’image. If you also want to do this, see how to edit photos:

if, for example, you happen to take a photo in conditions that aren’t easy, where you’re not able to keep a steady hand and the subject is then inclined, you can just do a slight rotation, by pointing the cursor to the edges of the’image to restore l’balance. Or, again, if the exposure time was too short and you are able to capture only a few pixels, it is possible to go lightly blend the size, without altering too much the subject of the photo. In the case of excessive exposure, however, the instrument Eq is really very effective to get back the natural contrast between the colors.

we come now to some of the most interesting features offered by the programs for the editing of the photo: “Clone”, and applies a “Patch”. You might have already guessed what they are for. It will happen to all want to discard a photo because the c’is any unwanted or you see a flaw too. Thanks to these two tools, you will not be forced to have to deprive you of a good memory; after all, a quality photo is also the one that takes us of the beautiful emotions…

With the clone tool you can copy the pixels of a zone free of the’image for playback, then, on the area you intend to cover. In this way you can delete an item in the foreground sovrapponendovi the captured color from the background. In the same way the tool works patch, only is more suitable to go to edit small areas, such as, for example, those of the wrinkles of a face.

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