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How to do when it expires, the health insurance card

The health insurance card is a document strictly for personal use connected with the right of all’health care in Italy and within Countries of the European Community. It is issued by the’Revenue Agency and has a validity of six years for Italian citizens, one year for newborns, starting from’assignment of the tax code and finally, for a period equal to the validity of the stay permit for foreign citizens. Must be presented each time you receive a benefit of health visits all’you buy medicines at the pharmacy, through the issuance of certificates and prescriptions. When the citizens of the European Community travel to other States contracted, is sufficient to show the card to receive free medical care and urgent medical treatment in hospitals and clinics recognized on the territory. In this case, the medical expenses incurred by that facility will be reimbursed by the Italian National Health Service with the specific arrangements laid down by the region of residence of the recipient.

L’Revenue Agency provides for the renewal with the other card before its expiry, or after a few days. The new card will be sent to the address of residence, in a closed envelope, without no honour on the part of the citizen.

If you delay the’arrival of the new health card, it is important to know that is still valid, the old one that has expired, at least for the functions related to the tax code remains the same.

The health card expired is valid as a certification of the tax code and the benefit to load of the National Health Service is still guaranteed. The problem arises if you have to go all’abroad, you have to renew it before leaving, or otherwise get release from it’Asl certificate replacement TEAM (European health Insurance Card).

If there were delays in the delivery you can check the status of the issue on the Portal Project Health Card in the section “To see the status of my Health Card”. Or contact the automated service information phone number 848.800.444 or the number 800.030.070, active from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 20.

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