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How to do magic tricks

You are going to arrange a party for your children but you don’t like l’idea of keeping a large group of children, making it fun, without their overwhelming enthusiasm, put at risk your home? It certainly is not a simple thing, but a solution to entertain them there. In addition to the classic group games during which you will be the one to dictate the rules and to keep a l’order, a good way to amuse them is to entertain them with magic tricks.

There are magic tricks are very simple, but d’effect, which you can make yourself or teach your son so that he fascinates his friends.

One of these is the game of the string in the straw. The purpose is to demonstrate to be able to pull out a wire, whole and entire, from a drinking straw cut in half with the scissors.

Before the game, make a small nick in the center of the straw. In this operation, you must make it first, in the absence of the small audience. In front of them, instead, put the string in the straw and bend it in half so that the cut remains to l’interior. Hide with the fingers of the string to be released from the nick. By cutting at the centre, you will touch only the straw and then removed the string intact.

another really simple trick is to of the coin with the X. The purpose of the game is to catch fish, with the eyes blindfolded, the coin marked with the X, among others.

In a top hat like a true magician, prepared some money (5 or 6 will be enough). Must be all the same. Now ask one of the audience to choose one and draw on an X, or any other symbol. Shown to the public is of these that the other to show that they are all the same but that only one of these is marked. Now ridatela who l’has marked and ask them to keep it tight between your hands. Tell them that this is to “magnetizzarla”, to create a contact with the coin while you focus. In the meantime, make yourself a bandage. When they will put the coin in the cylinder, it will be easy for you to distinguish it, just to feel that warm. Also this magic is made.

Ormai siete diventati dei maghi, non vi resta che andare a scrivere gli inviti e organizzare la festa.

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