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how to cure trigger finger

A finger jammed is defined ” snap” and it is a common problem mainly among people who practice assiduously with the sport. The problem generally refers to a sprain or injury to one of the three joints of a finger. Usually occurs to injury from impact. The fingers involved are usually those of the hands, but also those of the feet can be affected. Some of the symptoms of trigger finger are pain, stiffness, loss of range of possible movements, swelling, inflammation and pain to the touch.If not treated early, the lesion can be very painful and lead to chronic disorders. Minor cases of finger injury can be treated at home, and it may take a couple of weeks to allow the finger to completely heal. We will then how to cure trigger finger:

as soon as you notice that your finger is as jammed, and the movements are snap-on, l’application of ice is vital, it in fact reduces the inflammatory response in the body and helps to relieve the pain and swelling to a considerable extent. Wrap then a couple of ice cubes in a thin towel. Apply this compress to the finger injured for 10 minutes. Let return to the normal temperature, and then reapplying an ice pack. Repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times. Also, keep the finger hit the fence or immobilized until the pain will be completely gone. A splint will keep the finger hit straight and prevent movement while it is in effect the process of healing. The splint should not be too tight, as this may inhibit the circulation of the blood and lead to a numbness or tingling of the hands. When you are suffering from a trigger finger, it is important to keep the hit finger elevated above the level of the chest. This will increase the venous return of the blood, which, in turn, reduces discomfort, such as swelling, inflammation and pain. L’olio d’olive oil can be used to relieve the pain in your finger because it contains a compound that helps to prevent l’inflammation and the pain. It also keeps the skin moisturized to promote healing. Massage the finger hit with oil d’olive oil helps to improve blood circulation and reduces the stiffness, which in turn promotes healing.


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