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how to treat diverticulitis

The diverticular disease is a condition of the digestive common among the people, which occurs because of problems diverticula are protruding sacs that form on the inner lining of the’the large intestine (colon). When food debris is lodged between these pockets become inflamed or infected and cause symptoms like lower abdominal pain and swelling. The pain usually occurs on the lower left side of the’ abdomen. Other signs and symptoms are nausea, gas or bloating, constipation or diarrhea, fever, chills, and loss of appetite. In rare cases, can also cause rectal bleeding. It can cause complications such as abscess, fistulas, peritonitis, and intestinal obstruction in about 25 percent of people with acute diverticulitis. The exact cause of the formation of diverticula is not known. However, medical experts believe that a diet low in fiber can be the reason. In addition, factors such as smoking, l’obesity, lack of physical activity, a diet low in fiber, high consumption of fat, l’ intake of certain medications, and a history of constipation contribute to developing diverticular disease. More severe cases may require prescription medication or even surgery. You can also try some simple home remedies and adopt some lifestyle changes to prevent and control this problem. We will then how to treat diverticulitis:

l’aloe vera is a very effective remedy for diverticular disease, as it contains laxative properties that help maintain the normal intestinal flora, stimulate and promote the bowel movement and to eliminate the waste products. Also strengthens the immune system and decreases the’inflammation and swelling. Then drink a half a cup of aloe vera juice three times a day for at least a month. Licorice has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat diverticulitis naturally. It can reduce spasms and l’ inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Add a half a teaspoon of powdered licorice root in a cup of water. Boil for a few minutes, and then filter, then drink it 30 minutes before meals. Follow this remedy two or three times per day.

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