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how to treat damaged hair

When the cuticle of the hair is damaged, hair becomes dry and loses its gloss and shine. Other signs of damaged hair include brittleness, split ends, itchy scalp, and the low elasticity. Also, the damaged hair can be tangled up with a lot of ease and manage them can become really difficult. The hair can be damaged for a number of reasons. Some common causes include washing too often, hair, perhaps with products that are unfit and/or too aggressive, l’exposure to a climate too dry and hot, the attending swimming pools or blow-dry your hair at too high temperatures. You may also have damaged hair due to some medical conditions such as l’ hypothyroidism, hereditary problem, malnutrition, and l’anorexia. Even if the cut is the best way to get rid of damaged hair, you can also try some home remedies, natural, safe and effective to help repair the hair dull and without life, but it will take time and patience to get the desired result. If you want to try then, let’s see how to cure damaged hair:

the natural oils, such as olive and coconut, are very useful to repair the hair, being rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E. These work by sealing the cuticle of the hair and protect the hair from further damage. Moisten the hair with water and apply l’hot oil on the scalp and massage gently for a few minutes, and then cover hair with a warm towel. Leave for at least 30 minutes of laying, or during the night. Finally wash the hair. Follow this remedy at least once a week. Being rich in vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids, l’ avocado can help repair damaged hair, making it soft and elastic, it also helps to prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Depending on the length of your hair, mix the pulp of ½ ripe avocado and 1 teaspoon of olive oil d’olive oil in a blender until you get a smooth consistency. Apply on hair and leave for about 1 hour, and then wash it.


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