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how to heal a’ irritation of the armpits

One of the armpits is an area of sweaty and poorly ventilated, and for this to be prone to irritation and friction, so the armpits are particularly vulnerable to eruptions of the skin, situation may become worse, up to present real rashes, if you depili and/or using deodorants excessively aggressive for the skin. The most common symptoms of a skin rash dell’ armpit include itching, small bumps on the skin, redness of the skin, flakiness, pain and l’the rise of the odors. The more serious rashes dell’ armpit can cause dryness, cracking, pain and the formation of blisters on the skin, which leads to fever in some cases. Several factors can cause these problems, such as the methods of shaving, and the improper, excessive use of chemicals, excessive sweating, wear regular tight clothes and synthetic, l’ exposure to a warm climate, l’friction and poor personal hygiene. L’ irritation can also be caused by some fungal infection, viral or bacterial or even an allergic reaction. The rashes dell’ armpit minor, can be treated by maintaining a proper hygiene and a few simple home remedies. We will then how to heal a’ irritation of the armpits:

you can use cold compresses to reduce the itching and the burning, two of the most common symptoms of a’rash all’ armpit. Wrap a couple of ice cubes in a towel of thin cotton and hold it on the affected area for a couple of minutes. Take a break and then repeat. Do this for 10 minutes, a couple of times a day. You can also wash the area with cold water a couple of times a day. Make sure to dry the area completely after you are done. L’ virgin coconut oil can help to eliminate l’irritation caused by a’rash underarm. Its healthy fats and vitamin E contained in it, help to keep the area moisturized, calms itching and promotes healing . It also reduces l’friction that can worsen the condition and prevents l’infection. L’aloe vera is another useful treatment, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. His nature soothing relieves the itching and reduces the redness. Finally, maintain proper hygiene to promote healing. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes. Opt for loose-fitting clothing in natural fibres (cotton, jute) to allow the skin to breathe properly. Do not use deodorants on the basis of chemical , perfumes, anti-perspirants or body lotions unless they are prescribed by a dermatologist.


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