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how to heal a’ kidney infection

A’ kidney infection, also known as pyelonephritis, is usually caused by bacteria that spread from the urinary tract to the bladder through l’the urethra and, finally, in the kidneys. Can affect one or both kidneys. Women, especially if pregnant, have a high risk of contracting a’ kidney infection than men. Other factors that increase the risk of developing a kidney infection include l’obstruction of the urinary tract, the l’ weakening of the immune system due to el diabetes, side effects of certain treatments, l’long-term use of a urinary catheter and if you are suffering from kidney stones or a condition that blocks or changes the flow of urine in the kidneys. Some of the most common symptoms of a kidney infection are pain in the side or lower back where the kidneys, pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fever, pain or burning sensation during urination, the need to use the bathroom often, the change in color of urine and pain over l’s pubic bone. If not treated in time, l’kidney infection can lead to serious complications and cause permanent damage to the kidneys. Often, antibiotics are recommended for the treatment of the’infection, and likely the doctor that you consult will prescribe. You can also use some home remedies to reduce the symptoms and promote healing. Let’s discover together, then, how to heal a’ kidney infection:

increase l’liquid intake when you suffer from kidney infection may help to reduce the symptoms and promote quick recovery. L’ water will help to fight the bacteria, the waste and the toxic products of the kidneys, keeping them clean and healthy. Drink at least 8 -10 glasses of water a day. The pain in the lower abdomen, back and hips is very common when suffering from a kidney infection. You can apply warm compresses to reduce pain , relax the muscles of your abdomen and relieve the pressure from the bladder, will also help to reduce l’inflammation. The cranberry juice is very useful in the treatment of infections of the urinary tract, it, in fact, the blueberry makes l’urine more acidic, and this prevents the bacteria to thrive on the wall of the bladder, and therefore reduces the risk of infection. Drink a glass of unsweetened cranberry juice per day. Do not drink this fruit juice in large amounts or for prolonged periods of time as it can cause side effects. Yogurt that contains antioxidants and probiotics, can help treat a’kidney infection and also prevent it from happening again. The live bacteria yogurt inhibit l’adherence of the bacteria to the epithelial cells of the urinary tract. In addition, yogurt helps to stimulate the immune system. The vitamin C helps the immune system to fight the infection, so eating foods rich in vitamin-C such as citrus fruits, broccoli, kiwi, peppers, potatoes, strawberries, cabbage and tomatoes.


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